29 November 2011

Let there be light...

This is me procrastinating while I'm supposed to be editing...super dreamy though huh?

Photographer - Nikolai DeVera


24 November 2011

Keep calm and snap on!

Who can resist some self-timed shots with a partner in crime?  Nyla loves to act like mum and get behind the camera (she's surprisingly quite good!) so while all the equipment was out in prep for a wedding shoot tomorrow, we had some mother and daughter fun <3

nyla's idea - she had a prop box!

our N and L's that rest on the radiator


21 November 2011

Doesn't time fly...

I am going to completely ignore that fact that I haven't blogged in about 5-6 months, and the fact that I cut my hair short and never went back to the hairdressers to keep that cool bob I wanted to try for so long... like most things in my ever increasing hectic life something's falter and something's change and new things happen... but the what I love is the fact that I somehow manage to record all these moments on my Iphone! Amen.  Here is life according to my camera roll, and some of the moments that have never quite made it to the blog roll...

fun finds...

day trips...

well earned holidays...

good memories...

moving house...

but moments don't get any better than these...


27 June 2011

Rain Rain Go Away...

This is a momentous occasion for me, it's my first outfit post!  As a working mum I am constantly toying between amazing impractical outfits and sensible 'down the park' wear...  So here is what I wore today, nothing outlandish though sometimes I do turn up at the office just so!  I'll try and keep up to date with these...hope everyone's week has started with a bang :)


self-shot outfit posts are trickier than they look!

Revlon's Tropical Temptation Nail Polish is a must...

Jumper and Jeans - Zara, Boots - M&S, Ring - YSL

20 June 2011


It has been how long since I last post??  I am ashamed of myself, and I could make all the excuses under the sun but really I just fell out of the habit of it.  I promised myself I wouldn't post until I took some outfit posts... well standing with my camera on my tripod outside my office (the only practical/non practical) place to shoot each day was a little too daunting for me.  However it is my summer resolution to 'keep calm and click'!  So I promise an outfit post or maybe two... this week.

Instead I'll leave you with a favourite photographer of mine over at We Live Young.


26 April 2011

Cut It Out

Do you remember the days when clip-frames were all the rage and you would lovingly cut up photographs of friends and favourite moments and arrange them into a big melting pot of innocent smiles, tragic haircuts and even more tragic outfit choices?  Well I had a flashback the other day when I discovered these works of mixed media/collage art!  I have fallen in love all over again with that very idea but I vow this time to make it somewhat more professional.  Are you inspired?  I sure as hell am...


Artwork is by Kimberlee Cordova and it was spotted on designlovefest

19 April 2011

Photographer Crush

It appears that I have been on holiday this past week, not in body but in mind - I haven't made a post in ages, eek I am sorry.  But I am back to share a girl/photographer crush that I have stumbled on recently - I do love it when that happens...  There is nothing better than finding a photographer who's work makes you want to grab your camera almost instantly and run out snapping the first interesting face you come across.

When I find someone who's work I admire I call it a professional crush because I general find myself looking through every single one of their shots and keeping an eye on their blog updates with enthusiasium and excitement - god I sound like a stalker lol.

Here is the work of Kitty Gallannaugh over at Heartful Dream.  She is a professional photographer who produces the kind of images I love; dreamy, rich in colour and almost touchable soft.  I couldn't resist sharing this find, you can check out her website here too.