26 January 2012

Writing to Reach You

 It's just occurred to me today while uttering the words 'oh yeah I made a book' that I haven't written about my biggest achievement to date which, now that I think about it, seems almost crazy.  Maybe it's because it feels like a lifetime ago (well 2 years) and I almost forgot or maybe it's because it was such painstaking, labour of love that my brain won't allow me to revisit it very often!  Either way I thought I would share it with you...  The book is called 'Writing to Reach You' and it is a photographic drugs educational resource, aimed at raising awareness of the issues surrounding recreational and problematic drug use.  The book doesn't have a specific age range, and it was produced like a glossy coffee-table book so that readers would engage with it more so than if it was typically educational.  

The whole process was a real journey for me, I heard and saw things that lived with me for a long time, things that made me cry with sadness and with pride and things that change my opinion of drug users quite dramatically.  I worked with a small group of very talented young people (aged 14-17) to help produce this book and I know they got as much out of this project as I did.

The stories inside the book are personal, honest, real-life letters written by people who have been affected by drug use.  It took real courage and trust to share such personal information, but they did so knowing that ultimately they would be used positively and for the benefit of others.  I am forever grateful to those who took part in this project because without their insight, this book would never have been possible.

Here are some of the photographs from the book and some sneak peaks of the inside contents... if you'd like to see the book in full you can view it online here or if you would like more information just get in touch!

Taken from a 'Brother's Story'

Taken from 'A Sister's Story'& 'A Prison Story'

this was taken inside the visiting room at Perth Prison

Taken from 'A Clubber's Story'

Lomo fisheye was used for these shots

Taken from 'A Mother's Story, 'Facts from a Needle Exchange'

Taken from 'A Story of Misdiagnosis'

This photo became the front cover!

hope you like them!

22 January 2012

3.1 Phillip Lim SS 2012

I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw these shots last week from the Phillip Lim S/S show in New York.  The collection, inspired by the "freedom and fragility" of kites, is everything I want for spring!  The pastelesque colour palette of soft whites, pale blues, lavender and peach against starker greys work perfectly and then there is the oh so perfect split-front relaxed fit trousers that stole the show for me.  This collection pretty much sums up what I am seeking this summer - Lim delivers another effortlessly cool, simple yet totally chic collection that the high streets will be replicating left right and centre, and I love it!



21 January 2012

Patterns from Above

These beautiful photos stopped me in my tracks.  They were taken by Brent Yaggi & Sarah Hicks who are Denver based photographers; spending the last three years traveling across North America capturing these stunning images.  You can pick up an 18″ x 18″ print of their photographs right here for $100.  My walls are begging me to buy these!


20 January 2012

Spring 2012 - The Campaigns

I know a lot of people flick past the stack of advertising campaigns at the start of most fashion mags (they do seem to take up the first 50ish pages!) but I have to say that love them... and half the time it's not because of the clothes featured but for the photographs themselves.  Personal favourite this season is Chanel - who needs colour with shots like that...






 and the beautiful... DARIA WERBOWY for ISABEL MARANT 

Winter Warmers

Ok so I'm getting impatient about the fact that spring trends are everywhere at the moment but the weather is not playing ball... I want to rip of my tights and bring out the socks and heels but I guess I'll have to sit on my hands for a while longer! so here is my outfit inspiration to tide me over the next month or two...


19 January 2012

Shrigley for Pringle

Now when I think of Pringle of Scotland I have flashbacks to high school, where a Pringle navy v-neck was an enforced uniform staple by my mum.  Only for the sheer fact that my auntie and uncle lived in Hawick (once home to their factory) and they got them at a snip of the actual price!  But now it's more of a luxury brand than I gave them credit for - and to top it all off one of my favourite artists David Shrigley has teamed up with them to create a short animation/advert to help re-invent the twin-set!  Well boy did I laugh; a big high five to Pringle for their unashamed sense of humour. 

Also I couldn't help but share some of Pringle's S/S 2012 collection with you...