19 January 2012

Shrigley for Pringle

Now when I think of Pringle of Scotland I have flashbacks to high school, where a Pringle navy v-neck was an enforced uniform staple by my mum.  Only for the sheer fact that my auntie and uncle lived in Hawick (once home to their factory) and they got them at a snip of the actual price!  But now it's more of a luxury brand than I gave them credit for - and to top it all off one of my favourite artists David Shrigley has teamed up with them to create a short animation/advert to help re-invent the twin-set!  Well boy did I laugh; a big high five to Pringle for their unashamed sense of humour. 

Also I couldn't help but share some of Pringle's S/S 2012 collection with you... 


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