26 April 2011

Cut It Out

Do you remember the days when clip-frames were all the rage and you would lovingly cut up photographs of friends and favourite moments and arrange them into a big melting pot of innocent smiles, tragic haircuts and even more tragic outfit choices?  Well I had a flashback the other day when I discovered these works of mixed media/collage art!  I have fallen in love all over again with that very idea but I vow this time to make it somewhat more professional.  Are you inspired?  I sure as hell am...


Artwork is by Kimberlee Cordova and it was spotted on designlovefest

19 April 2011

Photographer Crush

It appears that I have been on holiday this past week, not in body but in mind - I haven't made a post in ages, eek I am sorry.  But I am back to share a girl/photographer crush that I have stumbled on recently - I do love it when that happens...  There is nothing better than finding a photographer who's work makes you want to grab your camera almost instantly and run out snapping the first interesting face you come across.

When I find someone who's work I admire I call it a professional crush because I general find myself looking through every single one of their shots and keeping an eye on their blog updates with enthusiasium and excitement - god I sound like a stalker lol.

Here is the work of Kitty Gallannaugh over at Heartful Dream.  She is a professional photographer who produces the kind of images I love; dreamy, rich in colour and almost touchable soft.  I couldn't resist sharing this find, you can check out her website here too.


7 April 2011

Enfant Savage

It's my birthday next month and to celebrate I have decided to throw a big beach/camp party - I'm talking dancing round campfires, music, lights, face-paints and all sorts of mystical madness... So when I saw this over at Oracle Fox my heart fluttered with excitement!  The shoot was styled by Mandy who writes the blog and I have to say, I think she is incredible.  The model's style in these photographs is exactly what I had in my head.  And the beautifully shot film has sent my imagination into overdrive...  Enjoy x

Enfant Sauvage from Claire Gorman on Vimeo.

6 April 2011

The Lace Effect

If feels like ages since I last blogged and I have so much to share this week...  While researching lace effects for my photography workshop I am teaching tonight I found this company Demakersvan who produce lace fences!!  I was drawn to the industrial beauty of it -  they are functional and pretty, mmm can I incorporate this into my new house I wonder...


1 April 2011

Free Love

I have fallen in love yet again with another spring/summer collection...  This time it's over at Free People - their clothes just ooze the 70's hazy hippie vibe that makes me hyperventilate a little with excitement.  Please weather will you jump up a few degrees so I can throw on my sandals, a sheer pleated skirt and pretend I'm back in California...