19 April 2011

Photographer Crush

It appears that I have been on holiday this past week, not in body but in mind - I haven't made a post in ages, eek I am sorry.  But I am back to share a girl/photographer crush that I have stumbled on recently - I do love it when that happens...  There is nothing better than finding a photographer who's work makes you want to grab your camera almost instantly and run out snapping the first interesting face you come across.

When I find someone who's work I admire I call it a professional crush because I general find myself looking through every single one of their shots and keeping an eye on their blog updates with enthusiasium and excitement - god I sound like a stalker lol.

Here is the work of Kitty Gallannaugh over at Heartful Dream.  She is a professional photographer who produces the kind of images I love; dreamy, rich in colour and almost touchable soft.  I couldn't resist sharing this find, you can check out her website here too.



  1. Great, soulful photos! They all look like fairies.

  2. Gorgeous pictures!!! Love the lighting and hazy effect.

    Heel in Mint

  3. Heeeeeyyyyy lovely photos

    Get on bloglovin so we can follow you
    -Electrify la vida

  4. oh my i love her works. lovely site you've got here. definitely following :)

    follow back?