6 February 2012

Life according to my iphone

  It's been all work and no play these past few months - pretty much all of the photos I have been taking lately are to be used within resource packs.  And as I work for a community organisation, I never feel completely comfortable posting images of young people that haven't give their permission for them to be used in this way...  So all I am left with is my trusty iphone for those impromptu moments!  Hopefully I will be able to show my latest work soon x

Glasgow Transport Museum
stolen test tube!
home alone
the things you find at a recycling centre!

wish I'd bought this...
my old work
T Ann Cakes will end me...

Christmas swag!

Muji home comforts
outside my office
Ice cool...eek

At Auntie Wowa's house :)
Nyla's doodles
What a princess!
Spot of costume making...


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